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New Teaser Image For My Upcoming Mobile Game


It’s been a while but I have decided to get back into game making.  I will be updating this website with blog posts of its progress so please stay tuned.  Here is the first teaser image of my upcoming project.  Please share with your friends and let me know what you think.



YouTube Issue


I am just posting this quick blurb to tell everyone that I am aware of the youtube issue I have on this site. If you want to check out some of my illustrations that I have done, please visit my YouTube page and look for the “Watch me Draw” series. Thanks!

Flappy McFlappers Headed to a Mobile Store Near You




Miss a certain bird? Well don’t worry as the excellent Flappy McFlappers has come to the rescue! Enjoy this addicting homage to one of the App stores greatest achievements.

Addictive gameplay with NO ANNOYING ADS OR IAP PURCHASES! Pay once, play forever!

Challenging gameplay
Beautiful graphics

Academy 413 Now Offering Re-Skinning Services For Gamesalad Games And Templates!


Great news everyone, Academy 413 is now offering Re-Skinning services for Gamesalad games and templates! If you have purchased a new Gamesalad template or game and have a vision, we will provide the artwork!

If you are a Gamesalad developer and need a re-skinning on a template, let me know and we will work with you to bring your vision to life!

Thanks for stopping by.