More of Our Games Now on The Nook App Store!


More and more of our games are now appearing on the Nook App Store. For a full list of games, click here and check out our new releases!!


We are proud to announce a number of new titles starting with Tiny Balls! It’s a race to the finish as you bounce the Tiny Balls all over the place! It’s simple enough, just shoot your tiny balls to the stars to complete the level! What could go wrong?


Next up is our addicting puzzle game Zombie Drop. Zombie Drop is an awesome physics-based puzzle title that will have you addicted. Players have to drop the Zombie down unto a metal block by touching the other blocks that stand in their way. Sounds easy right? With progressively challenging levels, the game becomes quite addicting and is the perfect companion for your Nook device.


And finally Mini Cannon. The objective is easy; get the ball in the bucket and avoid the obstacles. Sounds easy right? Well not so fast, give this game a try and see if you can beat all 80 levels!

That’s it for now everyone. Thanks for checking it out.


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